Kaisa Senior Living

As an integral component of an ambitious mixed-use development in Shenzhen, China, this luxury senior living facility has been meticulously designed to exemplify the epitome of high-end senior living.

Shenzhen, China
CEMA Design
Completion Date
Project Type
Kaisa Jinsha Bay Senior Living Complex
The development aims to create an exceptional environment that caters to the needs and desires of discerning seniors, providing an array of upscale amenities and services. At the heart of this luxury senior living facility is a diverse range of offerings, including a remarkable restaurant that offers culinary delights and a convention center that facilitates gatherings and events.

The spa provides a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, while music rooms offer spaces for artistic expression and enjoyment. A state-of-the-art fitness center is designed to promote wellness and active lifestyles, allowing residents to maintain their physical well-being. The inclusion of guest suites ensures that visitors can experience the same level of luxury and comfort during their stay. Additionally, an art studio provides an outlet for creative endeavors, allowing residents to explore their artistic talents and engage in various artistic pursuits.

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